There is no single methodology the fits everyone. We take on each data-entry project based on the source documents and your needs. These factors include:

  • format of the source documents
  • accuracy of data capture required
  • complexity of the data
  • required format of data records

Format of the source documents

This includes the physical medium, the legibility, the amount of confidentiality in the data, and so on.

Accuracy of data capture required

Typically single-entry can yield 99.9% accuracy. Double-entry will push the accuracy much closer to 100%.

Complexity of the data

If there are constraints, relationships or any other requirements, we can ensure that they are catered for and built in to the data we produce.

Required format of data records

We will work to understand how you need the data.
We may ask lots of questions to ensure that the data has maximum usability.
If you require, we can offer suggestions on the best way to organise the data.